Graduation of students of the Faculty of Natural Science Education

On July 6, the graduates of the full-time Department of the Faculty of Natural-Science Education were awarded diplomas of higher education.
Opening the ceremony, Dean of the Faculty Natural-Science Education Vladislav Alekseev stressed the importance and relevance of teachers in the labor market.
The Rector of Yakovlev University, Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor Vladimir Ivanov made a welcoming speech: «At the University you have received profound knowledge, developed creative abilities, learned to defend your views and beliefs. Let this success be an incentive for new achievements. This is the potential to help you cope with all the challenges in life and achieve great success.»
There were awarded 24 diplomas, 9 of them were the diplomas with honors (Program of Training 44.03.05 Pedagogical Education in «Biology and Geography», «Biology and Chemistry»). Three graduates from Turkmenistan were awarded bachelor’s diplomas. Many graduates obtained diplomas of vocational retraining in «Foreign Language», «Practical Psychology», «Physics», etc.
The graduates of the Faculty Natural-Science Education will join the ranks of teachers of Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Basics of Life Safety in educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

Photos by the Faculty of Natural-Science Education

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