Igor Spitsberg, head of Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children «Our Sunny World» held the training seminar in CHSPU

On June 10th CHSPU held the training seminar «Children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders in the educational space».
Igor Shpitsberg, head of Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children «Our Sunny World», member of the Board of the International Association of Autism Europe, member of the Council of the All-Russian Parents-Children-Disabled Organization (VORDI), member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation on the complex support of children with autism spectrum disorders, spoke on the functions of the Center, demonstrated the videos about it, made a presentation on the report.
Over 300 people attended the seminar: the students and lecturers of the faculty of preschool and correctional pedagogics and psychology of CHSPU, representatives of the remedial schools, subordinated to the Ministry of Education of Chuvashia, teachers of municipal schools and kindergartens in which children with ASD are taught, employees of PMPC centers, specialists of education authorities, parents and representatives of non-governmental organizations and others.

Photo by Svetlana Arkhipova (media center CHSPU STUDLINE)

June 11, 2019

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