Yakovlev University Rector Vladimir Ivanov Met with STUDLINE Media Center Members

July 3, Yakovlev University Team Work Centre hosted a meeting of the rector of the pedagogical university, Professor Vladimir Ivanov, with the participants of the STULINE media center. The head of the media center Inga Egorova summed up the performance of the centre in 2019, during which the team members showed the life of the university, its students, graduates, teachers, interesting events and events in their videos and photo essays. In addition, the young journalists created social video clips, video greetings for various holidays, participated in media contests and festivals. A great experience for young journalists was their participation in the project of the National Television of Chuvashia called «Student’s Day». From October 2018 to June 2019, the «Student Day» program from the CHSPU team went on the air 32 times. During this time, the students shot 93 videos, took part in the project as presenters, cameramen, journalists, authors of texts, etc. Our students also shared their achievements. Last year they became:
- winners of the city contest of New Year’s greetings,
- organizers of «Student Media» School of Young Journalists,
- winners of CHSPU «Student of the Year — 2018″ award (nomination «Student Media of the Year», «Journalist of the Year»),
- winners of «Republican Student Spring» festival (nomination «Video Reporting», nomination «Social Video (Teamwork)»),
- participants of «Russian Student Spring» festival in the city of Perm.
During the conversation with the rector, the team members shared their impressions of participating in the work of the university’s media center, thanked the rector for the grant support, and discussed the prospects for the work of the media center for the next year. Vladimir Ivanov thanked the young journalists for the high-quality work in creating a positive image of the university, expressed hope for further fruitful work, assured students of systematic support of their activities, and presented the best participants of the media center with letters of gratitude for their work.

July 4, 2019

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