Yakovlev University Students participated in the fifth shift of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum “Territory of Meanings”

Roman Isaev, Anna Moiseeva and Inga Egorova, Yakovlev University students, took part in the fifth shift of the «Territory of Meanings» All-Russian Youth Educational Forum. The Eco-environment-IT shift started on August 6. About 1,000 active young people are the participants of the shift. These are the specialists from leading IT companies, IT students, gamers, cyber sportsmen, bloggers, young journalists, PR and SMM specialists.
The teams will have to determine the impact of the IT industry on human life and how to integrate other areas into the digital economy.
The best team and individual projects will receive grant support from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs at the end of the shift. The maximum grant amount for team projects is 3 million roubles and for individuals projects it amounts to 1 million roubles.
Government officials, public opinion leaders, industry experts, managers, bloggers and media representatives will be the speakers of the Eco-environment-IT shift.
The Territory of Meanings Forum is held from July 5 to August 20 at the Senezh Management Workshop. This year 6 profile shifts are presented at the forum: Russia is a country of opportunities (July 5-July 11); Eco-environment — Education (July 13-19); Eco-environment — Volunteers (July 21-27); Eco-environment — Politics (July 29-August 4); Eco-environment — IT (August 6-12); Eco-environment — Ecology (August 14-20).
The organizers of the forum are the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the non-commercial organization «Russia is a country of opportunities.» Higher School of Economics is an educational partner of the forum.

August 7, 2019
Photos from archive of the participants

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